Homemade Swiffer Covers

I love to use my swiffer but I hate spending the money on the refill pads. Plus I always feel guilty just throwing them away, one more thing in the landfills. I have used old rags, cloth diapers, old shirts, etc to cover them which work fine. I made some swiffer covers a while back though and love them. Here is the crochet pattern I used, after I use them I just throw them in the wash they are holding up great. If you knit or sew they also have patterns online for them, just do a google search.


Lysol Soap Dispenser

I used a newspaper coupon and bought this hand soap at Walmart for $3. I love it, I think I will stock up when I can get the refills on sale. It is lasting longer than a regular soap dispenser plus there is not a mess all over the sink where it has leaked. The kids tend to pump a regular dispenser several times and I’m refilling it a couple of times a week, not with this one. The soap smells really good and leaves my hands feeling soft like I have used lotion.  Click here for more info and watch for coupons. Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter while your there, they will email you promotions and coupons.


It’s been a very busy 2 weeks. I have been on vacation, Charlie was off last week as well. We weren’t really sure what to do, while we would all like to take off and go some place for a week it was better for us to stay home. It takes money we could be using for something else to go stay in a hotel. Plus at home we relax better, eat healthier and take advantage of things to do around here. We have always liked exploring in our own backyard for things to do that are either free or don’t cost much.

This year besides cooking out we took the kids to Stone Mountain for the laser light show. It is something we never get tired of watching and we only pay for parking. This year we took a picnic dinner, we had a really good time. We took Savana and a friend to the state park to swim. They rode the paddle boats for very little money and because it wasn’t busy they were able to stay out a little longer. We played board games as a family and to end the week we had a cookout for the kids and their friends.

Cooking for the Family

I really enjoy cooking when Charlie is home, it gives me the chance to cook real meals. I try to make it as healthy as possible using very little saturated fats, plus I still have to stay within my budget. Here are some things we had this week, I have posted the links to a couple for the recipes.

French toast- go here for recipe

Grilled chicken with herb and garlic marinade, peas, apple sauce

Potato Bacon Casserole- go here for recipe (I used real potatoes and shredded them myself, turkey bacon, and egg beaters)

Grilled Cod which was not as frugal as I thought but it was good and healthy.

Fruity Grilled Shrimp Skewers- go here for recipe  (the recipe calls for 2lbs of shrimp but I only had a little over a pound, they were enough for us. This week Publix has the shrimp and mangos on sale) we also had grilled and peas.

Beef tips and rice (made with venison instead of beef), green beans and fruit

Free Gifts for Kids

I give to several kids at Christmas plus I like to give a few things to the needy children. I try to give decent gifts without going over the budget. I love it when I run across promotions that companies offer to get things free or really inexpensive. Kelloggs is running a promotion right now to get Toy Story toys which are very popular right now. I buy Kelloggs products anyway so why not take advantage of the freebies. Click here for the offer.

Reynolds Wrap Coupons

Click here to get some great coupons from Reynolds Wrap. Can’t wait to try their new non stick on the grill today. We are cooking fish and that always sticks to the foil. Also the parchment paper coupon is a great one. I love using parchment paper when I bake cookies, it keeps them from turning to brown on the bottom and it’s easy clean up.

Dawn Dishwasing Liquid

As you probably know Dawn will donate a dollar to every bottle that is purchased to the Marine Mammal Center and the International Bird Rescue Research Center, but you have to go online and enter the code first. The code is on back of the bottle at the bottom. It is just stamped on and not on the label like I thought. So please after you buy your Dawn go here to enter the donation code. Go here for Dawn coupons, plus you can get coupons from the P & G flyers out of the Sunday papers.