Cooking for the Family

I really enjoy cooking when Charlie is home, it gives me the chance to cook real meals. I try to make it as healthy as possible using very little saturated fats, plus I still have to stay within my budget. Here are some things we had this week, I have posted the links to a couple for the recipes.

French toast- go here for recipe

Grilled chicken with herb and garlic marinade, peas, apple sauce

Potato Bacon Casserole- go here for recipe (I used real potatoes and shredded them myself, turkey bacon, and egg beaters)

Grilled Cod which was not as frugal as I thought but it was good and healthy.

Fruity Grilled Shrimp Skewers- go here for recipe  (the recipe calls for 2lbs of shrimp but I only had a little over a pound, they were enough for us. This week Publix has the shrimp and mangos on sale) we also had grilled and peas.

Beef tips and rice (made with venison instead of beef), green beans and fruit


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