Gardening/Frugal Flop

Everybody has frugal flops here and there I keep having them when it comes to my garden. I bought seeds (cheaper than plants), planted them in cardboard egg cartons with organic soil. This way I can have an organic garden and after cutting the egg cartons apart I could just plant the whole thing. They were growing great so I put them outside during the day for the sun to make them stronger. A strong wind came and blew them all over the front yard. I replanted them and decided to take them outside a few hours a day for the sun. After a few days I looked outside and a bird was eating my seeds, arg. So now I’ve had to go out and get some new seeds for the tomatoes and I’ll buy a few pepper plants…not so frugal. I also planted several kinds of herb seeds, after they got big enough to put outside it rained so hard it beat my poor plants and broke most of them. I will start over with them too. It will not be the garden I had planned but at least we will get a few things. Maybe next year I will have better luck. The good thing about being this late I did buy the hanging tomato and strawberry planters half price (upside down ones) and some of the gardening stuff I need to buy is half price at Walmart. If I actually get something to grow I will post pictures. I hope if your planting/planted a garden you were able to do it frugal-y and earth friendly and are having much better luck.


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