Recycling The Right Way

I started recycling a couple of years ago. I figured every little bit helps the planet. It also cuts down on the garbage around here which saves on the county trash bags we have to buy. When I watched Oprah’s Earth Day show I discovered there were some things I was doing wrong. Yesterday I decided to research recycling and found out I was not only recycling some things wrong there were also some things I didn’t know could be recycled.

One of the things I learned were the bottle caps were made of a different kind of plastic then the bottles. The recycling places are taking the caps off and throwing them away, they wind up in the ocean and the marine animals eat them. Some of the animals choke on them and die, this was really sad to me.

Here are some of great websites I found yesterday that were very helpful:

A Recycling Revolution: recycling facts

Live Positively Coca Cola: getting involved and kids information

Earth 911: This has a lot of information, it was my favorite site. I got interested in this site and stayed on it for at least an hour with out realizing it.

Recycling 101: This is a link off of Earth 911, it’s has very important info.

I know that all this info can be very overwhelming. Yesterday I had to start taking it one step at a time when I was reading it and trying to decide what I could do. I hope the ones of you that recycle will continue and that this helps. The ones of you that don’t I hope you start soon, it doesn’t take much time and it could help save our planet.


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