Looking back on April

I hope everybody had a good April. Since it was Earth month I tried to really take a look at what I could change to be more green. Not sure I could change much just need to take the step even when I feel lazy. I like to be frugal but also green, thankfully they go hand in hand most of the time. I hope everybody got to see Oprah’s Earth Day show, it was very good and educational.

Here are some of the things I did in April:

Planted flowers on Earth Day with the kids.

Hung several loads of clothes outside to dry. (I can do this more since the pollen is gone)

Made sure I turned off all lights and went behind the kids to make sure they did.

Planted seeds for my vegetable and flower gardens in cardboard egg cartons, using organic seed starter.

Bought toilet paper made from recycled paper.

Bought some Eco friendly cleaning products using coupons of course.

Changed out a few more lights with the CF light bulbs. I really wish they would improve these but they do help the electric bill as well as the planet.

Recycled even when I didn’t feel like washing out the cans and stuff. This also help with the trash bags I have to buy. Also helps out on the number of times I have to run to the dump, saving on the gas.

Tried to combine trips so it uses less gas.


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