Beginning 2010

Wow another year gone by again. I don’t like to set New Years Resolutions because I never make it past the first month…sometimes I didn’t even make it until the next day. So what I set now are goals for the year I try to make them doable and not get frustrated if I slip up.

My goals for this year are:

To just get through the first couple of months of the year financially. With the bills and having to buy things for Savana for school (new semester) along with Soccer can get tough enough without trying to do anything else.

After February to  get the car fixed and to start a new car fund. Not new but new to us.

Get some much needed living room furniture.

To continue to keep electric bill down by turning off the lights, hang clothes (right now in the house), unplug all the electrical vampires (cell phone chargers, coffee pot, blowdryers, etc).

To track spending.(mostly groceries, clothes, personal & cleaning products, paper and  pet supplies)

To cook and bake a lot more from scratch unless I get it cheaper in the pack.

To keep grocery bill  under $300 a month.

To continue recycling which also saves me money…last year I got a little lazy hopefully this year I won’t.


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