Good Sites

With Christmas only a few months away I thought I’d share how I will be doing some of my Christmas shopping for the kids this year. I use these sites to get points or money.

my pointsThis is one of my favorites sites, I have gotten several gift cards with them just by opening up emails. You can also get points by downloading their toolbar or by printing and redeeming grocery coupons.

SwagbucksI have this site set as my homepage. Just use this site to search like  you would any other search engine and get points. You can either redeem your points for gift cards or gifts…they have lots to choose from.  I have been using this site less than a year and I’ve already gotten several amazon gift certificates.

Reward TvYou answer questions about shows you watch, plus they have other surveys you can do. You can either go on a shopping spree,  auction or enter a sweepstakes with your points. I have fun with this site.

-Inbox for dollarsWith this site you get paid just for opening up emails. To get a bigger check you can answer surveys, get so much back for shopping, or by doing free trials. If you just open emails it takes a little longer to get a check but worth it to me because it only takes a few minutes of your time.


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